Who’s Mrs Southerton?

Well – still call me Kate.


Matt and I had a lovely wintery ceremony at St Martins Killara, followed by a celebration with our family and friends (with campfires, and of course marshmallows) .

Although MY name has changed SOMMER STUDIO WILL STAY THE SAME.

When I started Sommer Studio and was in the process of deciding on the name I would trade under, I found out there is an awesome make-up brand, Kate Somerville, and although not 100% the same, close enough for google – so that was out. I always knew way back when, that I wanted to marry Matt, so I took the opportunity to pay homage to my family through the business name.

So same business & trading name but my name changes (however similar it maybe…)

Thank you for well wishes we have received so far! See below for a sneaky picture…

x Kate



Freelancing + Coffee Loving


There are two things I love starting my day with, a good cup of coffee + waking up with inspiration…

Over the past 3 months of freelancing full time, I have had the pleasure to work my way through different cafés while meeting lovely clients and attending to my accounts (’cause I love design and still learning to love accounts, so why not do it over a smooth cup of coffee).

I asked Coffee_Sydney to collaborate and create a top 10 café list for Coffee Lovers & Freelancers with me. Let’s start this post with the prefix that we’re both skim cappuccino drinkers so we might be a little bias.


1. The Boathouse Group // Palm Beach, Balmoral Beach & Shelley Beach, Sydney
The most beautiful set of cafés, with Palm Beach, Balmoral Beach and now Shelley beach. Shelley beach would have to be Coffee Sydney’s favourite as it’s so close to her home. Its definitely a lovely set of cafés that will make any accounts afternoon more enjoyable.


2. Pelican Pavilion // Collaroy Beach, Sydney
This cafè is perfect for a sunny day – even in winter, it’s a great place to work in. I’ve spent a few sunny afternoons with a strong coffee in front of my laptop, working creatively without the boarders of an office desk. Be warned though with the beach literally a foot away from the the tables, its a great spot for parents and their children, so pick your times and tables wisely. Oh and did I mention the GREAT wifi (Roy Famous Free Wifi), its free for 12 hours with an email address and it’s fast!


 3. Locomotive // Chatswood, Sydney
Although this cafè doesn’t offer wifi (unless you friend the owner), it’s one of my favourites, with a busy atmosphere and the excellent coffee – this seems to be one of my regular early morning stops.


 4. Lid & Jar // Chatswood, Sydney
Let me just say – I give up my normal choice of Skim cappuccino at this café, you MUST try their “Magic Coffee”(Double ristretto with milk). Trust me, any work that you need to get done, will be. Lid & Jar is a lovely double level café – that gives you lovely quiet spots to freelance.


5. The Grounds of Alexandria // Alexandria, Sydney
If you love working in an environment with stunning scenery, this is the place for you (so everyone). Amongst the brick walls and the beautiful flowers, the smell of coffee flows. Its a great place to meet clients and enjoy an afternoon of freelancing.

6. Armchair Collective // Mona Vale, Sydney
Mona Vale’s my home, the place grew up, so it’s nice to come back and enjoy the local business. I love the coffee here so its worth the bad reception for internet to just chilli out and look after the non-internet part of my creative business. If you need the internet, make sure you sit outside or near the windows for hot spotting on your phone.


7. Cornerstone // Crows Nest, Sydney
The staff here are lovely – they seriously look after they customers, I often have 2-3 cups here just cause they come check on you (in the nicest way). There are a few free wifi’s around the area.


8. Albert and Moore // Freshwater, Sydney
The cafe is stunning, the food is beautiful and coffee is strong. On the corner of Albert and Moore, the chairs venture out onto the footpath, giving it a relaxed and beachside feel. Fantastic coffee all year round, but definitely keeping it for a warm day.


9. Gumption by Coffee Alchemy // The Strand Arcade, Sydney
I love this café, but let me say, please enjoy the coffee but share the space. Started in Marrickville, the owners are now sharing their love for coffee in the heart of the city. 


10. Cridas // Manly, Sydney
This is my go to cafe, when meeting clients, who I’m unsure if they are a tea or coffee drinker. ‘Cause I know the tea is good and the coffee is even better. The food has a european influence and the presentation is impressive.

If you need inspiration on your next coffee spot, check out @coffee_sydney. We would love to hear your favourites…

Photos by Coffee Sydney & Sommer Studio

The Boathouse // Pelican Pavilion // Locomotive // Lid & Jar // The Grounds of Alexandria // Armchair Collective // Cornerstone // Albert and Moore // Gumption // Cridas



SOMMERSTUDIO_STOCK-IMAGESSometimes you just want a nice image… Sometimes its not in the budget to pay for more… and taking images off google is not the way to go…

So heres a solution for all your image woes… this is my got to list of Creative Commons (free & no crediting needed) images.





I didn’t want to bombard you with options – I’m guilty of looking at one picture and then “snap” two hours have disappeared… but please enjoy these 3 sites, as they are a good way of building your business or blog voice.

Enjoy xx

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